I hired an Enrolled Agent (EA) in New York to handle my Offer in Compromise (OIC) case pending before the IRS. The EA advertised he handled IRS cases quickly and with minimal stress. He initially seemed capable and willing to help. It quickly became apparent that the representation was more about the financial payments I was sending him. The case languished and the IRS officer became more antagonistic and more determined to reject my offer. He wanted me to sell my home. Ultimately the CPA, having my legal Power of Attorney, withdrew my offer without even consulting me, leaving me at the mercy of the IRS. On the advice of another Philadelphia accountant, I sought other professional help. She advised me to call Brennan & Company CPA, PC

Brennan & Company CPA, PC took over the case and immediately made progress. They made no promises other than to work the case as hard as possible and to keep me apprised of the fees. They had the case sent to appeals and worked out an agreement that saved me $60,000!! I never thought I would win! Thank you Brennan & Company CPA, PC!!

– JH, New York

I run a small educational non-profit that has been in business in the Philadelphia area for almost 30 years. We turned to Brennan & Company CPA, PC for help with a serious IRS problem that had a very slim chance of being corrected without great cost. The IRS would not recognize us as a public foundation and were also looking to collect monies for several years of filing incorrectly. Brennan & Company CPA, PC won the case to eliminate all fines and also secured us a permanent status as a public foundation. We will always be eternally grateful for their successful efforts with the IRS. They really knew what to do.

– President of local NGO