Taxation services are a core business service, and we offer taxation services to individuals, sole proprietors, LLCs, and corporate and partnership business structures.

We have prepared many thousands of tax returns and have had a very high retention rate among our clients for over 20 years. We value the relationships we have developed over the years and believe in helping our clients by applying our motto “Safety…In NumberS™

From a client perspective, “Safety in NumberS™” means that we want to prepare an accurate client tax return by using substantiated figures or account balances.  Through application of this perspective we help our clients avoid the consequences of using “Unsafe Numbers.”Taxation services Accounting Philadelphia PA Unsafe numbers are estimates (when actual figures are required) and unsubstantiated and undocumented account balances.

While a client may sign the tax return, we, as the preparer, also sign the tax return and thus have some tax return responsibility (see IRS Circular 230).  We take that signature responsibility very seriously.  We will never knowingly file an inaccurate return even if a client is willing to accept responsibility. We always encourage our clients to file accurately and make the “safe” choice, even if, for example, it means paying a small tax bill now to avoid a greater potential tax penalty later due to inaccurate numbers.

Brennan and Company CPA, PC have your best interests in mind, and we do not take a “short-sighted, “its not my problem” perspective.  We work with you to minimize your tax bill while providing a full and “safe” tax retrun with documentation of how and why the tax return was prepared.

For those who may have had an unfortunate occurrence or audit when filing a past tax return, Brennan and Company offers Tax Representation Services.