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Brennan and Company CPA, PC provides a wide variety of tax and financial consulting services for clients in and around Southeastern Pennsylvania. These services are provided directly by Sean J. Brennan CPA, MBA and include but are not limited to:

1. Family budgeting  

Financial Consulting Services Brennan and Company CPA

Utilizing some of the same techniques employed for our business accounting clients, Brennan and Company CPA, PC can develop a monthly family budget that incorporates all inflows and outflows of cash, including credit card payments and loan disbursements. We verify all debt balances and apply payments, creating an accurate balance sheet of assets and liabilities.  These statements give you a complete financial overview that is essential for families looking to get out of debt or to locate more savings from disposable income.

2. Elder Care 

Brennan and Company CPA, PC also provides services to account for the financial transactions of the elderly when the person’s ability to manage this burden becomes limited. We provide peace of mind to both the client and the family. All of our employees are bonded and insured to provide our clients extra protection.

In fact, in one instance we identified a large amount of fraudulent financial activity by a trusted family member, and our investigative work was used to obtain a legal judgment against the perpetrator of about $350,000.

3. Forensic Accounting  

Brennan and Company CPA, PC also provides forensic accounting services to identify misappropriation of business financial assets. Our business financial consultants are continuously trained and we routinely update our skills in this ever expanding area of fraud management. By utilizing our business consulting services, you can be confident that your assets are not being siphoned off and misappropriated. Our experienced financial consultants know what to look for to identify signs of fraud.

Top-Tier Customer Service

Our team at Brennan and Company CPA, PC will take all the time that is necessary to communicate the working process we adhere to. We will also make sure that expectations are set, and that we thoroughly understand each of client’s unique financial situation. Business consulting services that offer top-tier customer service like ours make it easy to create an open dialogue about additional financial concerns.

When you contact Brennan and Company CPA, PC, you can expect prompt answers to customer phone calls and emails; we will never avoid our clients. We believe that more communication with our clients helps them feel informed and satisfied with their financial progress.

For reliable, trustworthy, and affordable business consulting services, contact the best Philly has to offer. We also provide:

Bookkeeping Services

Payroll Services

Outsourced Accounting Services

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Whether you are dealing with debt balances on credit card payments, or are worried that your assets are not being appropriated correctly, our financial consultants in Philadelphia, PA, can help get you and your finances back on the right track.

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