We have been providing attestation, accounting and tax services since 1996. Our mission statement, “to become the number one provider of small business accounting services in Southeastern Pennsylvania” captures our business commitment.

We are committed to helping our clients make the “right” decision as well as the “smart” decision when it comes to financial matters.  We encourage our clients to generate accurate and complete financial records regardless of their size or financial circumstance. We believe that such clients make the best “partners” and create the best relationships.

Our motto is “Safety….in Numbers

This motto best describes our perspective on our work and our financial business services. The meaning of our motto is akin to the medical profession code of “do no harm” …but it goes further than that. Our clients know that some of the best work we have performed has been in counseling against “unsafe” financial or business decisions. Such decisions may save money and reduce one problem, but they may cost the client in ways that cannot be measured monetarily.

Risk Aversion

It takes an informed and committed business “partner” to state when a particular business or financial decision may appear safe but may ultimately prove to be an “unsafe” decision.  We believe that our reputation is only as good as the company we keep and the work we produce. We do not advise untenable tax or accounting positions or suggest risky financial maneuvers to place our clients’ reputation, or our own reputation, at risk.

At Brennan and Company CPA, PC we believe that a business can only control those things under its own influence. One example is the accuracy of financial or other data provided by a company to its accountant.  A company’s willingness to pay the taxes it owes is an example of controlling audit risk.  A company cannot control if it will be selected for audit, but it can control the outcome of an audit by filing and paying the correct amount of taxes.  Another example is a company commitment to knowing and implementing best practices related to financial and tax reporting.  All of these items are under the control of a business and can help to minimize reputation risk.

By actively managing those risk challenges that remain under our control, ignoring those things that are uncontrollable, and focusing on business “character,” a business can operate “safely” knowing it has done all it can to enhance its reputation in the marketplace.

Brennan and Company Commitment

Brennan and Company CPA, PC seeks to enhance our clients’ reputation by providing complete, high-quality attest, accounting, tax and consulting services. We can “safely” demonstrate that we the following practices are part of our commitment:


We are committed to doing the “right work at the right fee.” We strive to follow AICPA standards even when it means slowing down a process to get the work done accurately.

Security and Privacy 

Sean Brennan recently completed a three-year term on the IRS national advisory ETAAC (Electronic Tax Administration Advisory Committee). As a member of this distinguished national panel Brennan advocated for greater privacy protections from the IRS of taxpayer data and better privacy procedures by the tax-preparation community.   Initially such recommendations were met with skepticism. When the question was raised about how the issue of privacy is related to electronic tax administration, Mr. Brennan’s argument was that data security and privacy are interrelated and yet separate issues, and both are equally important.

Commitment and Background of Brennan and Company CPA Philadelphia

Personal and Friendly Client Service

We think of our clients as family, and while we may disagree from time to time, we honor the family we have.  We have many long-term relationships and can provide references regarding all of our financial, tax, attestation, audit, and outsourced accounting services.


We strive to deal fairly and accurately in everything we say and do with our employees, our clients, our vendors, and the public, and we hope to receive the same consideration from our clients and partners.

Please call Sean J. Brennan CPA, MBA directly at 215.951.5585 to discuss our core principles or any other matter noted on this web site.

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