If you have employees in your company or if you are an s-corp or c-corp owner who pays yourself a salary, you know that you have certain obligations when it comes to payroll. You need to ensure that employees are paid on time, that checks are written in a timely manner and that the appropriate amount of money is being withheld from each paycheck and paid out to the government in payroll taxes. payroll services brennan and company help Knowing exactly how to handle employee payment can be very confusing, especially when it comes to tax compliance. You don’t want to make mistakes and end up not paying the government enough money or not paying on time, as this could end up costing you a lot later on. An experienced accountant can answer your questions and help with all of your payroll needs. Call Brennan Tax today to learn more about how we can assist with payroll matters.

Tax season is over for the year for most individuals, unless you get the dreaded news that you are the target of an IRS audit. The risk of an audit is one of the main reasons why it is very important for you to have an accountant do your taxes before you submit them. Your accountant can help to ensure you follow the rules and have your paperwork together so if the IRS comes to question you, you will be ready and prepared to answer. If the IRS does decide that it is going to audit you, the accountant who prepared your income tax return can also assist you in preparing for the audit and in answering the IRS questions. Irs audit assistance and preparation Brennan and Company If you didn’t have your taxes done by a professional accountant, it may be time to call one once you find out you are being audited so you can get the help you need to be ready to answer any queries from the Internal Revenue Service about the taxes that you paid and the return you submitted. Call Brennan Tax for information on how an accountant may be able to assist you. Check us out on Facebook.